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What's happening across the Globe?

You witness the Breaking News on the world!

This free App only includes 24 hours News live through selected English broadcasters.

Wherever you are, Whenever you want, Access the real time News live from all over the world.

On Air:
-Arirang TV from Korea
-Bloomberg TV from USA
-CCTV(CNTV) from China
-DW TV(Deutche Welle TV) from Germany *Some German language programmes
-ETNOW(The Economic Times) from India
-euro news from France
-FRANCE24 from France
-NHK World from Japan
-RTÉ NEWS NOW from Ireland

These great broadcasters from each country let you know the high quality international Headline News, Breaking News, Exclusive, Business, Sports, Documentary, Debate, Weather forecast and more.

Watch those without registration and flash player.
Recommend you to access WIFI network and Android OS 2.2+
2G/3G could be unstable live streaming.
If you can't watch live stream, Please retry it later.

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